Technical data

Dear customer, 


Administrating and exchanging master data of our articles via SA2 WORLDSYNC optimises processes between us and our business partners and allows us more freedom for other projects. A large number of our customers already takes part in SA2 WORLDSYNC while we are also linked to the electronic exchange of data.


SA2 WORLDSYNC has the advantage that master data (e.g. measurements, weights, EAN codes) of products are no longer sent to individual customers. Rather, we send all relevant data to the SA2 WORLDSYNC database. Retailers and logistics companies can then receive the necessary information. The time-consuming and costly business of creating an information sheet for every single retailer is no longer necessary.


SA2 WORLDSYNC is constantly adjusting to requests and requirements of its customers, making sure that it is always up-to-date and can offer the best service required by retailers and the industry. 


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