Organic products

Organic products are no longer bought only by selected customers. The organic market is growing!

With a huge choice of Hela Organic Herbs and organic spices as well as a broad product range for the areas sausage, ham and convenience products, Hela is the perfect point of contact for the future of this market segment.


Hela Organic Argentinia Seasoning more

Appearance orange, green, red
Taste aromatic-spicy
Packaging Disposable can
Content 860 g
Art. No. 180033

Hela Organic Curry Seasoning more

Appearance yellowish powder
Taste aromatic-spicy
Packaging Disposable can
Content 700 g
Art. No. 180687

Hela Organic Vegetable Broth Granules more

Appearance beige dry product with vegetable mixture
Taste spicy, aromatic vegetable flavour
Packaging Disposable can
Content 1150 g
Art. No. 756344

Hela Organic Gyros Seasoning more

Appearance colourful mixture
Taste spicy, hot, like herbs, hint of sweet
Packaging Disposable can
Content 850 g
Art. No. 180747

Hela Organic Nutmeg Ground more

Appearance brown powder
Taste aromatic, spicy
Packaging Disposable can
Content 770 g
Art. No. 300296
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