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 It is all about vinegar and oil

Vinegar is not just vinegar, a simple 'sour' is out of date. Discover the large choice of different, selected and noble vinegars, ranging from Aceto Balsamico di Modena and different herbal vinegars to our exquisite fruit vinegars... more



Crema di Balsamico – made for connoisseurs

With the product line Hela Crema di Balsamico Glaces, Hela presents products with exceptional quality. All Hela Crema di Balsamico Glaces impress by providing an appetising brightness while they come with a soft and creamy texture, offering a pleasant mouth feeling... more



Concentrating on the basics

Indulging without the need for time-consuming preparations – Hela's range of soups and brothes offers quick and tasty solutions. Hela soups and brothes come with a large diversity of different flavours and provide a high-quality basis for decorations... more






It is stirring

There seems to be an endless diversity of sauces. They put a crown on every dish and add a special flair even to the most simple meals... more






Hela salt and spice delicatessen from around the world

Ranging from the pink colour of Himalaya Mountain Salt to the Black Hawaii Salt, this ten exclusive varieties all have a formidable visual appearance... more



Variety and taste without borders!

Hela's world of herbs, spices and spice compositions is manyfold and consists of exquisite 5-star premium quality... more






Premium herbs – larger variety and taste without borders

With 19 essential herbs and two herb mixtures, Hela has caught the aromatic freshness, seasoning power and vitamins of fresh herbs that have been freeze-dried. This allows you to use these herbs in premium quality during the year without worrying about seasonal restrictions in the market... more



Organic Hela

The organic products from Hela at a glance... more






 Fresh catch

Many herbs are only available during the season. Using them fresh all-year round is almost impossible. This has enabled us to come up with an excellent range of products: herbs in oil... more



Sweet treats

Anybody who believes that his ice creams or crèmes cannot be improved anymore is wrong! Hela's toppings, coming with an intensive flavour, are the icing on the cake – quite literally. Hela toppings can be used for ice cream, crèmes, gravy, dessert sauces and decorations... more






 Little sweets from Hela!

Small, easy to handle and perfect for using – Hela's small packages brings you closer to your guests, one tasteful little bag at a time. With small packages from Hela, you let your guest decide just how sweet he likes it... more






Enjoy in doses

The Hela Easydipper – no messing, no dripping, no open bowls and no annoying bottles anymore. Hela Easydippers are space-saving and easy to use while they always provide a precise dosage of dip, clean and appetising... more




Smart ideas for smart professionals!

For all requirements you meet in the kitchen every day, we have developed a large number of kitchen utensils for you. Our spice tray on wheels offers perfect solutions for the everyday handling of spices. Other products include space-saving shelfs and cruet stands for vinegars and oils... more






Gastro Profi 

With the Gastro Profi brand, Hela offers an assortment of high-quality products for restaurants, hotels and canteens, giving you great value for the money... more