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Hela wins Küche Award Convenience 2011

In the category "Spices and Spice Mixtures", the selected Hela Deluxe salt and spice specialities from all over the world were voted in first place in the Küche Awards 2011. From the pink-coloured Himalaya salt to black Hawaii salt, these ten exclusive products satisfy customers with their exquisite appearance. African Grains of Paradise, Chinese Cinnamon Flowers and Tasmanian Mountain Pepper. Hela's exquisite deluxe spices sound exciting and exotic at the same time. These innovative products tickle the palate and offer surprising taste experiences on the highest level; mildly sweet, hot and spicy or spicy and tingly.



Hela wins Küche Award Convenience 2010

For the fourth time, more than 600 readers of Küche magazine from all over Germany have voted the most successful new products in the convenience market. In the "Spices and Spice Mixtures" category, Hela Orange Pepper in the premium jar finished in first place of Küche Award 2010. An unobtrusive taste of oranges goes well with the hot pepper, adding an exotic hint to the product. Hela Orange Pepper is ideally suited for dishes with venison, seafood and shellfish while it goes equally well with white meat from the barbecue.



Hela receives Catering Star 2009

In a nation-wide survey in Germany, manager and purchasing agents of German catering companies have voted their most successful new products of convenience products and beverages in the catering market. In the category "Spices, Dressings, Vinegars & Oils", Hela Crema di Balsamico finished in first place of the Catering Star 2009. Hela Crema di Balsamico convinced catering experts with its appetising brightness while the different products have a soft and creamy texture, offering a pleasant mouth feeling and an extraordinary taste experience. There is a broad range of different applications, including much more than just garnishing salads, main courses and desserts. There are no limits to your imagination.

Alles in Essig und Öl

Essig ist nicht gleich Essig, und einfach nur „sauer“ war gestern.

Erleben Sie die reichhaltige Auswahl unseres erweiterten Sortiments verschiedenster, ausgesuchter, edler Essig – vom Aceto Balsamico di modena über unterschiedliche Kräuteressige bis hin zu unseren erlesenen Fruchtessigsorten...mehr